A French Floral Box

Width: 33.66 cm
Height: 26.67 cm
Depth: 28.58 cm
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A mahogany and burl box with floral marquetry inlaid cartouches to the top and sides, on verdigris brass bun feet. The original Louis XV.

The Althorp Crest is a Heraldic symbol that is unique to the Spencer family. In Signs and Symbols, the Meaning of the Althorp Crest we looked at the iconography of the crest with the historic significance of each motif.

Each piece of hand crafted furniture by Theodore Alexander for Althorp Living History is embellished with a hand cast or painted crest that denotes its authenticity and connection to the Althorp estate. For five centuries, Althorp has served as the primary residence of the Spencers, one of the most distinguished, aristocratic families in England with ties to Winston  Churchill and the ancestors of George Washington (see The Washington Chest).

Althorp Living History draws inspiration from treasures gathered during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries by Althorp’s famous inhabitants.

Discover the artistry within. Our craftsmen select wood based on beauty, colour and suitability to each individual piece. We still use traditional furniture making, wood working techniques and materials to ensure enduring quality in every one of our products.